“It cannot be said that things get better when they change.
But if they are to get better, they must change.”
                                           Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

We see ourselves faced with powerful challenges: the problems arising from climate change, the financial crisis and growing poverty can no longer be solved within the “classical” structures of politics and administration alone. What is needed is a process of rethinking, new approaches and more commitment from all involved.

We are convinced that we can effect this necessary change only as a civil society. For this we must create new forms of participation and strengthen the individual sense of responsibility.

We work on a local, national and international basis and cooperate with people who have set out to foster integrated, sustainable and interlinked ways of thinking and acting.

We invest in the ability of people to learn, to cooperate and to lead. We initiate and set up networks and establish platforms with those who have ideas and visions for the 21st century. Through our work we wish to contribute to making this century a just and peaceful one.