Integrative Lerntherapie

Integrative Learning Therapy

A successful method of recognizing the vicious circle of school failure and overcoming it permanently

The Fachverband für integrative Lerntherapie e.V. (FiL) (Specialist association for integrative learning therapy), FiL, was established in 1989 by a group of learning therapists under the scientific direction of Dr. Helga Breuninger. It is non-profit and supports the research and practice of scientifically sound learning therapy. The Breuninger Foundation is still actively involved in the association which it supports professionally and with funding. Those who cannot or can barely read, write or count find it difficult to make progress at work and develop as a person or to take a self-determined part in political and social life. For many pupils school does not provide sufficient means to acquire these basic cultural techniques. When children despair, teachers capitulate and parents are at the end of their tether, the solution can be found in integrative learning therapy. It has proved particularly effective in overcoming the anticipation of failure on the part of the pupils and in leading them towards a positive learning structure from which they can progress to independent learning.

The association now has 600 members. Most of them are practising learning therapists – in particular educationalists, teachers and psychologists – but there are also interested specialists from related professions.

contact: Helga Breuninger