100 x New Life (completed)

New perspectives for living and working in the Uckermark

Tour with a music caravan through the Uckermark from village to village, learn the specially created "Ucker tango", paint and make pottery, draw in 3D or perhaps develop co-operative models, renovate a farmhouse or work with dementia sufferers – these are a few of the ideas and activities pursued in the project house in Angermünde.

Over a period of two years 100 participants from the region in rural Brandenburg can learn about and try out new forms of living and working. They are supervised by a project team and supported by external experts. In the process they find out what they really want to do, create new possibilities for work in the vicinity for themselves and at the same time play a part in their region. This requires a different definition of work: social, innovative, civic-spirited, ecological, holistic. It means the realisation of lifelong dreams instead of the frantic pursuit of a career or gradual resignation to unemployment.

The project is financed by the Breuninger Foundation together with the State of Brandenburg and the EU. It provides the project house in Angermünde, an "involvement space" which can offer new perspectives.


contact: Wolfgang Klenk